GamerGrade® Pulse Extreme Professional Gaming Mouse

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GamerGrade® Pulse Extreme – Fully Customisable Professional Grade Gaming Mouse

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The GamerGrade® Pulse Extreme PRO Quality Gaming Mouse, has been meticulously designed by gamers, FOR gamers. It’s designers fully understand that high precision, accuracy and response times are what today’s gamers need.

This distinctive gaming mouse allows you to game in style. It was born from extensive research and engineering, numerous design iterations, followed by countless rigorous test sessions with eSports athletes. Combining exceptional technological engineering, cutting-edge ergonomics, and an obsessive pursuit for absolute gaming precision, this final design will deliver on all gaming levels.

The first thing a gamer discovers when they put their hand on a GamerGrade® gaming mouse is not just how powerful it is, but how nice it feels. Every button placement and every curve was created to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, elevating your gaming experience and performance to the next level.

  • UTILIZING HIGHLY DURABLE GAMERGRADE® PULSE SWITCHES – There is a pronounced tactile feedback to your fingertips with each actuation, so you get the absolute assurance that you’re winning with precision
  • ENGINEERED WITH THE LATEST CUTTING-EDGE HIGH PRECISION GAMING MOUSE TECHNOLOGY – Boasting Pinpoint Tracking Precision (1000 Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms Response Time) And On-The-Fly Multi-Level (4-Stage) Switchable DPI, Featuring A Blue LED Display Bar (8 Optional Resolutions Up To 2500) – Delivering Uncompromising Gaming-Grade Performance
  • IMPRESSIVE DISTINCTIVE DESIGN CONSTRUCTED WITH PREMIUM GRADE MATERIALS THROUGHOUT – With A Luxury Matt Rubber Coated Finish – Styled For Professional Gamers With Striking LED Side Grip Grooving (8 LED Colour Options Fully Customisable)
  • 8 FULLY PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS + MACRO PROGRAMMABLE VIA AN INTUITIVE UI – Apply Full Customisations To Suit Your Gaming Style, Including a Triple Click X3 Button Specifically Designed To Maximise Accurate Kill Streaks – Every Button Is Strategically Placed For Instant Access
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TO FIT SNUGLY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND – Granting Gamers The Most Comfortable Gaming Experience Available – With Its Rubber Matt Texture Coated Finish And Grooved Side Grips, The GAMERGRADE® Pulse Extreme Keeps You In Full Control Without Fatigue, For Extended Gaming Sessions



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Weight 278 g
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 5 cm