Forza Horizon 3 – Regarded by Many as the Best Racing Game to Date, Playable 23rd Sept

Buckle in gamers, Forza Horizon 3 is here and has been getting huge praise over the past few days, with review scores hitting at an all-time high for the series. Some critics scoring it a whopping 10/10, averaging above 9/10 on metacritic.

“Forza Horizon 3 is without doubt the finest arcade racer yet seen, and it looks set to become one of this generation’s greatest games” –

“Forza Horizon 3 is a masterclass in open-world racing. This is the racing game ive been waiting for” – IGN

A demo for Forza Horizon 3 is available now on Xbox One while PC players will have to wait until after the game is released if they want to try before buying.

Forza Horizon 3’s official release date is September 27, but people who buy the $100 Ultimate Edition can start playing Friday, September 23. The game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which means buying the game digitally for Xbox One gets you a free copy of the PC edition and vice versa.

Unfortunately for console owners its been confirmed that the game has been locked at 30fps, but the game rarely drops below this threshold.

forza-horizon-3-pic-2On the other hand the game has been very well optimised for the PC making good use of the additional power the PC has to offer, allowing not only much higher fps, but also much higher resolutions.

You can go ahead and grab nVvidia’s latest Game Ready driver release, version 372.90, which is intended to deliver the “best possible gaming experience” for the cross-platform racing game. The performance improvement these drivers add can be witnessed in this video: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT.

If you’re running an AMD-based graphics card, you will want to grab the latest Radeon Crimson 16.9.2 drivers specifically for Forza Horizon 3.

Check out the following video showing the graphical comparison between the XBOX One and PC version maxed out, bear in mind the PC version is running at 1080p to match the XBOX One’s resolution to keep it a level playing field: GRAPHICS COMPARISON.

If you’re planning to pick up the game on PC, then check your rig with the recommended spec below. Also note it requires Windows 10 and DX12 as mandatory:

CPU: i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz


AMD: R9 290X or AMD RX 480



Hard Drive Type: HDD

Available Space: 55GB

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Finally the cross-play mode will allow PC and XBOX One players to join together in co-op, and the Play Anywhere feature allows digital purchasers to own the game on both platforms, for the price of a single purchase. Its a winner!


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