God Of War – A Complete Guide to Niflheim and How to Get The Best Armor

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the end game realm of Niflheim, revealing all its Epic secrets and how to acquire and fully upgrade the Mist Armor, which is the most powerful armor in the entire game.

Developed by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, this is the eighth instalment in the God of War series and Is the sequel to 2010’s God of War 3

Unlike all previous games which were based on Greek mythology, this latest release is loosly based on Norse mythology.

In Norse mythology the Gods are much closer to mankind interacting with them and even relying on them, they get hungry, can get hurt and can also die. They also believe in the end of the world and themselves calling this Ragnarok. Whereas in Greek mythology the Gods have very little physical connections to mankind.

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You will notice late in the story the option to craft new Epic Mist Armor sets at the Huldra Shop, and as just mentioned, the Mist Armor is the best armor in the game.

However, you cannot craft them just yet, you will first need to acquire these three resources:

  • Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor (which is collected just once in the entire game specifically to craft the Mist Armor)
  • Mist Echoes
  • Nifleheim Alloy Fragments

All three of these resources are exclusively acquired by gaining access to the locked realm of Niflheim, and just like Muspelheim, this is achieved by collecting all four Language Ciphers hidden inside specific Cipher Chests.

The unique Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor resource is acquired by completing the first two Favors when you reach Niflheim, given to you by Sindri, named ‘Ivaldi’s Workshop’ and ‘Ivaldi’s Protection’.

Once the Rusted Armor is acquired, it’s then just a case of farming the remaining resources to craft then fully upgrade the Mist Armor. I will be explaining in detail later in this guide the best methods on how to accomplish all of this.

The Niflehem Language Cipher Chests are found as you progress through the main game and you should find all four Language Ciphers by mid-late story. There are seven Cipher Chests in total that hold a Niflheim Language Cipher, but only four are required to learn the Niflheim language and travel to the realm.

Once four have been collected, the remaining three Nifleheim Cipher Chests will provide a random Enchantment. Just in case you missed any ill show the location of four easy ones to collect, three on the Lake of Nine and one on the Mountain Summit:

The first one is by the Alfheim Tower toward the north east of the Lake, you will need to detonate some Shatter Crystals to access the ledge on the beach so you will have to progress far enough in the story to acquire the Shock Arrows. Once you have the Shock arrows destroy the crystals and climb the ledge, then run to the end of the path to find the first Niflheim Cipher Chest.

The second Cipher Chest is found at the Ruins of the Ancient here on the map toward the northwest corner of the lake. A Soul Devourer Ancient patrols this area the first time you visit, and here you will find the second Niflheim Cipher Chest.

The third Cipher Chest is found near the Lookout Tower toward the southeast of the Lake, after the second water drop has occurred in the main story. Hit the paddles on the beach with the Leviathan Axe to gain access to the third Niflheim Cipher Chest which is located in the alcove just around the corner.

The fourth Cipher Chest can be found on the Mountain Summit, you will need to progress far enough in the story to the point where you meet Mimir who is permanently attached to a tree. From Mimir’s tree climb all the way back down and retrace your steps back up the Mountain path. Climb down half way up the path on the left and at the bottom you will see the fourth Niflheim Cipher Chest.

The Favor directly related to this Niflheim Cipher collecting activity is called ‘The Realm of Fog’ and upon completing this Favor you will be able to select Niflheim as a destination on the realm travel table at Tyr’s Temple.

Once you enter the realm, you will notice harmful fog in lower parts of the area. When you enter and remain in this fog a pink bar will be displayed at the top of the screen which will deplete slowly. Once this pink bar reaches zero your health bar will then start to deplete, if your health reaches zero, you will die and all the resources you acquired since you last entered the fog will be lost.

However if you leave the fog any time before your health completely drains, all the resources you collected will be permanently banked in your inventory.

A good tactic is to always make sure Atreus is equipped with a Resurrection Stone so he can prevent you dying if your health completely drains, this will also regenerate some of your pink fog bar increasing your chances of reaching safety.

If you have a Resurrection Stone equipped this icon at the bottom right of the screen will be highlighted.

Initially the fog timer only lasts around two minutes, however this can be significantly extended by equipping items that increase resistance to the fog, such as the powerful Niflheim Mist Armor, slotting Perfect Artefact of the Blight Enchantments found as drops in the maze, and slotting the Eye of Niflheim Epic enchantment which is acquired from a locked chest in the Central Chamber. Every chest and coffin you open while in the fog will also restore several seconds to the fog bar.

Sindri will also be able to craft two additional powerful items that increase your fog resistance besides the Nifleheim Mist Armor, these are:

  • The Grip of the Maze which is a Legendary Axe Pommel granting a very high proc chance to restore some of your fog bar on every kill as well as a passive resistance to the fog reducing its drain speed.
  • A Legendary Talisman which permanently extends the fog timer when worn and restores health when activated. Both these items are a must on higher difficulties.

Its worth noting that Enchantments don’t stack unless exclusively stated, so for example this Legendary Enchantment has a high proc chance to restore a bit of your fog bar on any successful kill. Slotting two or more of these will not increase the restoration gained or the chance to proc as the global cap will already be reached when slotting just one.

However this Enchantment clearly states its effect can be stacked up to six times, making it easy for you to make the most efficient use of your Enchantment slots.

You can exit the fog at any time by climbing steps to designated safe areas like Brok’s Shop and the Central Chamber, the pink bar will disappear from the top of the screen indicating you are in a safe zone. Every time you exit the fog, all enemies, chests and traps will be reset and randomly generated for the next time you enter, making every visit, unique.

However, the main physical layout of the maze will always stay the same, with just some minor alterations to the trap corridors, so learn its simple layout which is basically one continuous corridor which completely surrounds the central chamber with a couple of high level rooms branching off either side near the rear.

One of these back rooms houses Hildr who is one of the tougher Valkyries in the game, nothing more can be found in this room so you may want to avoid her completely at least until you have farmed enough resources to craft the Mist Armor set.

‘Mist Echoes’ are a primary resource that can only be exclusively acquired in the Niflheim realm and are only found in chests and coffins, the deeper you venture into the maze the tougher it gets and the more Mist Echoes you will receive from all sources, meaning higher risk higher reward.

The more chests you open, the higher the reward in the next opened chest will be. This resets after escaping the maze and banking, therefore it is worthwhile looting every chest you come across with every run. The contents of chests in combat areas are better than those in trap corridors and rarer chests increase the rewards faster than lower quality chests, with Nornir Chests offering the highest gains and most Mist Echoes.

At the start of the realm speak with Sindri to pickup the favor ‘Ivaldi’s Workshop’ which is basically the name given to the entire maze. In this first of three Niflheim favors you will need to acquire 500 ‘Mist Echoes’ so Sindri can craft an Entry Stone to gain access to the Central Chamber of the maze.

You can easily acquire 500 Mist Echoes to craft this Entry Stone by entering the starting area, looting a few chests, then simply resetting a few times. You acquire the Entry Stone by speaking with Sindri, going to the ‘Buy’ menu, then going down to ‘Resources’, you will see ‘Niflheim Entry Stone’ at the bottom.

Once the Entry Stone has been crafted you must use it to enter the Central Chamber. The second Favor ‘Ivaldi’s Protection’ will then become active, where you must locate and acquire ‘Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor’ which is the unique resource required for Sindri to craft the best armor in the game, Ivaldi’s Mist Armor.

Once you gain access to the Central Chamber, as well as finding ‘Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor’ you will also find 5 golden Legendary Coffins and 3 Realm Tear Rifts which are all initially locked and require resources to open.

After handing over ‘Ivaldi’s Rusted Armor’ to Sindri, you will then be able to craft Ivaldi’s Mist Armor sets. I will be detailing the differences of all three available sets and how to fully upgrade them shortly in this guide so make sure to keep reading.

Sindri will then give you the third and final favor called ‘Ivaldi’s Curse’ which requires you to unlock and close all 3 rifts in the Central Chamber.

Starting from the left of the area and going clockwise, this table shows you which resources are required to unlock everything in the Central Chamber and what gear you can expect to find within.

As you can see the second Legendary Chest offers the Eye of Niflheim, a must have Enchantment for just 2500 Mist Echoes, which greatly increases your resistance to the fog and stacks with any existing fog resistances, so unlocking this chest as soon as possible should be a priority.

The third Legendary Chest which costs 5000 Mist Echoes should also be a priority as it contains the Chilling Mists of Niflheim, the unique resource required to purchase the final Frozen Flame from Brok & Sindri to upgrade your Leviathan Axe to its max level 6.

This table shows you the upgrade levels for both the Leviathan Axe and the Chaos Blades, as well as the required resources to level them both to the max, level 6 for the Leviathan Axe and Level 5 for the Chaos Blades.

When you acquire the Chilling Mists of Niflheim from chest number 3, you will need to navigate to the ‘Buy’ menu at a Huldra Shop, and not the Upgrade menu, since the Chilling Mists of Niflheim is used to buy a Frozen Flame first. You use the purchased Frozen Flame to then upgrade the Leviathan Axe to its max level.

The same goes for the Blades of Chaos to upgrade it to its max level 5, except you will first need to acquire a unique resource called the ‘Raging Inferno of Muspelheim’ by defeating the Valkyrie Gondul found at the top of the Muspelheim Realm after conquering 10 combat trials.

You then use this special resource to buy a Chaos Flame from a Huldra Shop, then use the purchased Chaos Flame to upgrade the Blades of Chaos to its max level.

As you can see you will need a rare resource called ‘Anchor of Fog’ to open the Rifts, these can be found as rare drops in Legendary golden chests located deeper toward the rear sections of the maze. The more chests you open, the higher the drop chance of these rarer resources will be, so make sure to open as many chests as possible with each run.

If you need to check how many you have gathered, the Anchor of Fog resource appears under the Special Items tab in your Resources menu.

The top chart of this table displays all the resources required to craft the Chest pieces of the Mist Armor, and the additional resources required to level them from base Level 7 to 7+, then Max Level 8. The lower chart displays all the stat changes for each upgrade for each set. I will throw up the tables for the Wrist and Waist Armor shortly.

There are three sets of Mist Armor available, Endless Mist, Cursed Mist and Deadly Mist with Deadly Mist being the best all-rounder boosting the most attribute points in total across the four priority stats. However if your priority is to max out your Runic, then go for the Cursed Mist set, or if your priority is maximizing your Defence, then opt for the Endless Mist set.

Niflheim Alloy and Haze Weaves can both be found in Coffins and Chests typically located in the deeper sections of the maze. They can also be acquired in small and limited quantity by unlocking the Legendary Chests and Realm Tears in the Central Chamber.

As you can see to upgrade the Chest Piece from its base Level 7 to max level 8, you will require additional resources called Smoldering Ember, Greater Crest of Flame, Pristine Ore of the Realm, and Aesirbane.

You are rewarded Smoldering Ember by completing the initial ten combat trials, and rewarded Greater Crest of Flame by completing the six most challenging Impossible Trials.

Pristine Ore of the Realm is exclusively found in treasure coffins at Iron Cove here on the map, located to the southwest of Tyr’s Temple on the Lake of Nine in Midgard. For full access to this area wait until the second water drop.

Aesirbane is Niflheim’s rarest material and once the Central Chamber supply has been exhausted, it can only be found as a rare drop from Legendary Golden Chests located in the two most difficult rooms of the maze that branch off from the main corridor toward the rear of the Workshop.

Bear in mind that you can sell all these Niflheim resources to Sindri in exchange for Mist Echoes, so any unneeded surplus materials you gather, make sure to sell them. Strangely the only farmed resource you cannot sell is the Anchor of Fog as it’s classified as a Special Item.

This chart shows the resources required for the Wrist Armor piece and the only additional resource required is Pristine Scales of the Realm, which is exclusively found in treasure coffins at the Light Elf Outpost as shown on the map above, located to the North of Tyr’s Temple on the Lake of Nine. For full access to this area wait until the second water drop.

This chart shows the resources required for the Waist Armor piece and the only additional resource required is Pristine Dust of the Realm, which is exclusively found in treasure coffins at Stone Falls as shown on the above map, located to the East of Tyr’s Temple on the Lake of Nine. For full access to this area wait until the second water drop.

Its best to craft and equip the Chest, Wrist and Waist armor from a single set, for example, all three pieces from the Deadly Mist set, rather than mixing them up, as the health regen boost you will receive will be even more effective when you equip all three matching pieces in a given set.

There are two Nornir Chests that usually appear in the maze of Ivaldi’s Workshop, the first one will always appear in the starting room where the Central Chamber Entry Stone pedestal resides, and its three related runestones are always located at the same spots dotted around the maze all high up on the cliffs.

All three runestones are on turnstiles and will need to be rotated with the Leviathan to match all three runestones on the Nornir chest, so make sure to take a snap of the chest before venturing into the maze.

The second Nornir Chest will spawn deeper inside the maze in one of two possible locations. It cant be missed as both locations are slap bang in the middle of the main corridor through the maze. When you come across it you will notice all of its related runestones are bells which all need to be hit within a time limit. They are always located high up on the cliffs in the same local area that the Nornir chest spawns, so once you hit all three bells you can pop open the chest there and then before continuing your run.

Its also worth noting that enemies will not follow you into different sections of the maze so feel free to break away and briefly escape to one of the quiet side rooms if you feel overwhelmed.

Check out our video version of this guide for a speed run through the maze giving the optimum route to take to farm Mist Echoes as quickly as possible as well as opening all chests and coffins in the entire maze including both Nornir Chests.

As a reminder, minor alterations to chest locations and trap corridors may change with each reset, but the main corridor and room layout of the maze is always the same.

Hope this guide helps you conquer the realm of Niflheim!

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