GTA V Redux Mod Is Finally Here – The Best Complete Graphical & Gameplay Overhaul for GTA V

GTA 5 Redux, the impressive Grand Theft Auto V mod built from the ground up by one man: Josh Romito, is at long last available for download. GTA V Redux overhauls numerous aspects of the game’s PC version dramatically improving it’s visual quality, as well as improving several gameplay elements.

It was meant to be released several weeks ago but due to Josh’s home computers being hacked, he unfortunately lost a “large amount of texture data”, delaying the project until now.

Some of the improvements the mod will offer are:


  • Brand New Super Detailed 4k Textures For Plants, Trees, Bushes, Grass, Fire, Explosions, Particle Effects, Water, Damage Overlay Textures, Cloud, Skies, and more…
  • Almost Every Road has Been Completely Re-textured to Look More Real
  • Life Like Debris Effects From Leaves, Water, Trash, Blood, and more…
  • Carefully Crafted Time Cycle System With Simulated Global Illumination
  • Lighting Has Been Revamped Game Wide for All Hours
  • At Night Street Lights Cast Light Realistically and Spread Light Further Away
  • Shadow Cascades
  • Fog Enhancements
  • Removal of Environmental Blur for a Super Crisp & Clean Look
  • More Than 15 Reshade Options For Gamers to Choose From
  • Scenario Pedestrians Have Been Increased to add Life to the City, Increasing Immersion
  • Vehicle Headlights Realistically Cast Further Light


  • All Weapoins Have Been Completely Improved & Enahcend Across the Board
  • Police A.I. Have New Weapon Loadouts and Advanced Tactics
  • Vehicles Have New Improved Handling Including Cars, Boats, Helicopters & Planes
  • Deformation Limits Have Been Increased to Allow for Amazing Crashes
  • Suspension Systems and Weight of Vehicles Has Been Corrected
  • The Wanted System has Been Reconfigured for a More Punishing Police Response
  • The Military is now the Highest 5 Star Response
  • Euphoria Physics Have Been Added for More Realistic Reactions When Shooting A.I.
  • Improved Ragdoll Physics

For a full list of improved features visit:

The official installation video tutorial for this mod by Josh himself can be found here.

The official site for downloading this mod can be found here.

Before installing this mod make sure to have a clean install of GTA V with no existing mods applied, you have been warned!

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