Play every N64 Game on your XBOX One, here’s how!

Recently approved by Microsoft, the WIN64E10 Emulator is now available for download in the Microsoft Store, for a small fee (currently £7.69 or $10USD at time of writing).

The emulator will be able to play any N64 game ROM available for download on the internet, which is pretty much every N64 game ever made.

For a full tutorial on how to download and install this emulator check out this: INSTALLATION GUIDE (by GamingbyGamers)

1-super-mario-64-1427644428843-1To play the games users are required to upload their game ROM files to Microsoft’s OneDrive (cloud storage service), which can then be transferred for use by the emulator on the XBOX One.

Reports of performance haven’t been very positive with most users reporting short pauses and glitchy audio during gameplay. Click the following link to check out some GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE (by Victor Berrones)

Bear in mind for as long as the emulator will be available on the MS Store, they will be working to improve its performance as it will be in their best interest to help keep steady sales via positive reviews, and hopefully resulting in a more efficient end product. Lets hope it doesn’t get taken down by MS for whatever reason, any time soon.

Its also worth noting that there’s nothing fundamentally illegal or rule breaking about emulators themselves, the only illegal part is providing people with information or direct sources to illegally download ROMs of commercial games.

We’re sure all users will remain responsible, and only ever create direct ROMs of all the N64 game cartridges that they already currently own.


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